Sonostat® touch

Sonostat® 133



Sonostat® touch

The versatile and powerful ultrasonic therapy


The modern high-tech design with a brushed aluminium surface and the 10” TFT LCD full colour touch-screen monitor are significant quality characteristics of the new Sonostat®. The Sonostat® with its two frequencies, 1 MHz and 3 MHz, each of which has a different depth impact, offers a high degree of functionality and operating convenience for universal ultrasonic therapy. The ultrasound is applied to the patient by means of ergonomically designed and 100% watertight treatment heads with a size of either 2.5 cm² or 5 cm².


The treatment head is made of high-quality titanium. In contrary to conventional aluminum heads, titanium is bioinert, i.e. 100% kindly to the skin, much more tough and therefore is much more durable and does not tarnish.


Both treatment head sizes can be simultaneously connected to the unit.


Sonostat® 133

The low-cost starter unit for Ultrasonic Therapy


The SONOSTAT® 133 with its different frequencies (1 and 3 MHz) and easy handling is the ideal start into Ultrasonic Therapy.


The ultrasound is applied with ergonomically designed and 100% watertight treatment heads of 2.5 cm² or 5 cm². The treatment heads are made of high-quality titanium, which is bioinert in contrary to conventional aluminium heads, i.e. 100% friendly to the skin. Furthermore, the heads are very robust, much more durable and non-tarnishing. Both treatment head types may be used for both frequencies. The required working frequency can be selected on the control panel by just pressing the respective button.




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