Ultratherm® 1008




Ultratherm® 1008

The new standard in short-wave therapy.


The ULTRATHERM® 1008 short-wave therapy unit sets new standards for its class. It still employs the ideal energy source, a high-performance vacuum tube, which allows both the capacitor (condensor field) and the coil (induction field) techniques to be used.


To guarantee ease of use as well as convenient and efficient operation, the unit features a graphic display that not only guides the operator but also provides indication suggestions (incl. pictograms showing proper electrode application) and various program storage positions.


A unique output power dosing function allows highly precise adjustment by means of the dynamic matching indicator and the heat-effective output power value that is constantly displayed, giving the user full visual control over the therapy.


Radiotherm® 1006

The microwave device for radiation thermotherapy.


The RADIOTHERM® 1006 generates constant and pulsed microwave energy for thermal and non-thermal applications.


Providing relief to the subcutaneous fat tissue, microwave radiation offers beneficial effects for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints:

Increased circulation, improved cell metabolism, and spasmolysis relief and pain relief are among the most notable effects that can be achieved after just a relatively short period of therapy. Pulse mode broadens the range of applications further: Even acutely inflammatory processes can be given targeted treatment.




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