The top of the line therapy device with patented
three-dimensional interferential current.


This comfort therapy unit is the new benchmark in Electro Therapy. The unit works with a three-dimensional interference current generated through the superposition of three middle-frequency currents. It can be used as an Electro Therapy device, ultrasound therapeutic device and for the combination of electrical stimulus current with ultrasound. The stimulating lower frequencies are already generated through interference of two phase shifted circuits in the area being stimulated. The additional third electrical circuit generates, as opposed to classical interference methods on one side a slower change in intensity and on the other side a rhythmic shifting of the interference field. These dynamics of the area being stimulated and the intensity decrease the habituation effect and therefore improve the therapeutic effect.

Application in treatments:

  • muscle toning and detoning
  • galvanization and iontophoresis
  • treatment of paralyses with complete or partial muscular degeneration
  • treatment of athrophy due to lack of movement and weak muscles
  • pain, muscle spasm, functional diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • pelvic floor stimulation
  • treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence

Application in diagnostics:

  • MF-test according to Dr. Lange
  • recording of I/T-curves (shown numerically and graphically on the display)
  • extensive non-invasive electro diagnostics of peripheral paralyses
  • qualitative and quantitative determination of faradic excitability
  • determination of rheobase, chronoaxy and accommodation
  • neurodiagnostic examinations with galvanopalpation




One Touch to Start


The new Duodynator® by gbo Medizintechnik AG has a large spectrum of therapies. At the same time the user interface is so clear, that it offers a maximum level of usability. With one single touch the user can select a therapy from his personal list of favorites. Simply turning the intensity regulator allows a real quick start. Additionally, the modern high-tech design with brushed aluminum surface and the 10,1” TFT LCD full color touchscreen monitor offers the doctor "that certain extra” to just having a technically sophisticated electrotherapy unit.



A powerful partner for electrotherapy


The neoserv® is a suction wave therapy unit equipped for use with 2 or 4 suction electrodes, especially prepared for combination with Duodynator. In suction-wave massage therapy an adjustable vacuum - either continuous-type or pulse-type - is generated inside the suction electrodes by an electric pump. In the areas where the suction electrodes are applied, increased hyperaemia incurs. This has the desirable effect that tissue conductivity beneath the electrodes is improved. However, sensitivity to the electric current is clearly masked by the pulsating suction of the electrodes - a fact that makes the device suitable for use also with patients who are extremely sensitive to electric currents.





  • Complete range classic stimulation currents
  • Stereodynamic interferential current with:
    • Three-dimensional stimulation effect
    • Multi-site stimulation effect
    • Intensity dynamics
    • Dynamic behavior of stimulation site coupled with endogenous/ exogenous stimulation shifting
  • Availability of automatic programs for sedation, myokinetics and vegetative stimulation


  • integrated module for Ultrasound Therapy (1/3 MHz) with titanium head as well as for the combination of Electro- and Ultrasound Therapy (optional)
  • integrated module for Venturi suction application
  • device cart – in design and function matching with the new Stereodynator®

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