SKINeo® Pro

The patented HighTone technology makes the difference. The top quality

device with a brushed aluminum housing controls all four applicators via touch screen and intensity regulator. Intense ultrasound impulses are automatically combined with the patented HighTone application. An overdosage is not possible (mains: 220 V socket).

The SKINeo® FORM applicator is similar to the MASK, yet it has 12 particularly big transducers. On the one hand these transducers

transport the optimized Body Effect gel in the depth of the skin. On the other hand the HighTone frequency is optimized to activate lipolysis, the decomposition of fat.

The SKINeo® MOVE applicator is a high performing titanium ultrasound applicator from the medical technology. Using a high pulse ratio, the Skin Effect gel is transported into the skin in the areas of the lower face, neck and cleavage.

The SKINeo® MASK treats wrinkles and fills accid skin in the area around the eyes. The mask has 7 transducers

which evenly distribute the Face Effect gel in the depth of the skin. During this treatment, one experiences a pleasant and relaxing tingle.



The new dimension in skin firming


The SKINeo® Pro is a product which was developed by gbo Medizintechnik AG on the basis of the medical standards for ultrasound and electrotherapy devices. It features the latest technology and is operated via a touch screen.

écolleté and hands.


For use in cosmetics all essential treatment parameters have been preset to allow a safe and effective treatment. The SKINeo® Pro can be used for anti-aging applications on face, neck, décolleté and hands.


With the Module Body all body applicators – upper arm, belly, buttocks and upper thighs – can be used. The objective is skin and tissue firming. For this, the body module generates a specially developed sequence of highly effective physiological programs.







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