Traction Couches

Traction and Massage Couches

Therapeutic effects of intermittent traction

  • Increase in vascular and lymphatic circulation; stimulation of the breakdown of accretions, edemas and hematomas.
  • Toning of muscles; combats tension and improves elasticity.
  • Reduction in periarticular and articular adhesions and fibrous infiltrations.
  • Removal of muscular spasms by creating a “physiological rest”.
  • Stimulation of proprioreceptive reflexes.

Therapeutic effects of heat

  • Dilatation of the vascular system. Reflectorically also in the deep tissue layers.
  • Relaxation of muscles.
  • Reduction of muscle spasms and, in the process, relief of associated pains.
  • Improved circulation and respiration. Sedative effect.

Therapeutic effects of massage and vibration

  • Increased vascular and lymphatic circulation.
  • Reduction of edemas, accretions and hematomas.
  • Increase in tissue elasticity and in mobility.
  • Increase in respiration.
  • Increase in diuresis.
  • Sedative effect on motor and sensitive nerves.
  • Increase in breakdown of lactic acid in the muscles, combating the symptoms of exhaustion in the muscles; this can help towards improved fitness.

TESI® ComfoTrac Duo

The comfortable traction system for lumbar and cervical spine traction.

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TESI® ComfoTrac

The comfortable traction system for lumbar spine traction.

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TESI® Relax

The nassage bench for the wellness field.

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