skinny lift® – Beauty-System

skinny lift® – our brand for the beauty market. skinny lift is based on our company’s 40 years of experience in medical engineering. By combining different technologies, we developed treatment methods for anti-aging and body treatment in the aesthetical field.

skinny lift® CONTOUR – Anti-Aging und Bodycontouring auf höchstem Niveau

skinny lift® CONTOUR

is a combination of ultra sound and the patented high tone current; the active agents are introduced  into the skin where they distributed evenly. Matrix oscillators with low intensive pulsed ultra sound waves (LIPUS) transport the active agents into the skin (phonophoreses), the high tone current (HiToP®) in parallel sees to an even distribution (electrophoreses)  and activates the body’s anti-aging and contouring processes. More about skinny lift® CONTOUR.

skinny lift® LIPO – Professionelles Body Sculpturing

Fat reduction by means of high frequency field treatment (HF) represent is a new trend in the medical aesthetics field. This treatment is successfully implemented to reduce unpleasant fat deposits without surgical intervention. The fat tissue is heated up by the electrical high frequency field, causing the destruction of those unwanted fat cells. More about skinny lift® LIPO

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