skinny lift® Contour

Anti-Aging and Bodycontouring

The skinny lift® Contour is a product which was developed by gbo Medizintechnik AG on the basis of the medical standards for ultrasound and electrotherapy devices. It features the latest technology and is operated via a touch screen.

For use in cosmetics all essential treatment parameters have been preset to allow a safe and effective treatment. The skinny lift® Contour can be used for anti-aging applications on face, neck, décolleté and hands.

With the Modul Body all body applicators – upper arm, belly, buttocks and upper thighs – can be used. The objective is skin and tissue firming. For this, the body module generates a specially developed sequence of highly effective physiological programs.


Active substances – designed for an effective treatment in the studio


For Anti Aging and body treatment there are the specially designed gels. In the Effect Gel series, we offer two different gels for Anti Aging Treatment – Skin Effect and Face Effect. For the body treatment, the Body Effect Gel was developed.


Each LIPUS resonator is a small
ultrasound device by itself

High-Tech made in Germany


An essential innovation is the use of LIPUS resonators embedded in a silicone mat which are being applied on the customer during the treatment. This way a lot of ultrasound effect can be applied without manual work on a large area,

like e.g. the thigh. The application side of each resonator has a reservoir for active substances. Before the treatment, the reservoir is being filled with the treatment gels.


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