gbo Medizintechnik AG –Competence in Physical Therapy! 6 therapy forms, 19 products and the certainty to have helped many people.

Worldwide patented HighTone technology, electrotherapy, ultrasound, HF diathermy, cryotherapy and traction technology provide the basis for first-class medical technology “Made in Germany”. Our product solutions are found in hospitals and practices for Physical Therapy and beauty salons. Learn more about our innovative products!

HiToP® 191

The professional home unit for medical muscle stimulation. Clinically tested for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy.


SKINeo®: Anti-Aging and Bodycontouring


HighTone Therapy is a new quantum leap in the field of electrotherapy.


Achieve great effects for dermatology with Cryotherapy.

Ultrasound Therapy

…successfully used by its mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological effects


…one of the oldest treatment forms.

Traction Couches

Comfortable traction system for lumbar and cervical spine traction.

HF Diathermy

Permits surface warming as well as the precise warming of in-depth tissue regions.

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