Treatment of Polyneuropathy

Polyneuropathy can be comfortably treated at home with the patented (Europ. Patent EP 1322379B1) HighTone Therapy. People who suffer from polyneuropathy (PNP) usually have only one desire: to be painless again. If it burns, tingles and nothing feels right, if you feel a loss of skin sensitivity, numbness, “pins and needles” and shooting pains your everyday life has many limitations, such as poor sleep, debilitating pain and pain therapy.

HiToP® 191

The HiToP® 191 has been designed to treat Polyneuropathy comfortably at home. gbo is exclusively applying the worldwide patented HighTone Therapy, which has no known and unwanted side effects. Over 8.000 patients are using this therapy successfully.

HTEMS®, HighTone Electric Muscle Stimulation; is being used in over 400 practices and many clinics and institutes. In contrast to classical electrotherapy (TENS), the HTEMS® acts in the depth of the thigh’s muscle generating comfortable but yet intense and thereby effective contractions. In August 2011 HTEMS® has been added to the German National Guidelines for treating Polyneuropathy. Even though there are many highly published studies we have not yet reached the level of being accepted by the German healthcare reimbursement system.

This website, which is unfortunately only available in German, give information for people suffering from Polyneuropathy. Prof. Dr. Stephan Martin, Head of the department for Diabetology of the group of Catholic Clinics in Düsseldorf and Director of the Westgerman Diabetes and Health Center (WDGZ) shares his experiences with the HTEMS® treatment.

HiToP® 191

The professional home unit for medical muscle stimulation. Clinically tested for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy.

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