gbo emerged as an OEM partner of Siemens, that is, working with OEM partners is part of our genes. So meeting our OEM customer’s needs is always our focus. We would be delighted if we could apply the skills we have developed over the decades so that we can develop a product with unique features that fulfills your requirements. Our activities can be categorized as follows:

  • OEM versions of gbo products
  • Developments of medical products
  • General product development

OEM Versions of gbo products

gbo products are always characterized by prominent characteristics or features. This may be the therapy itself, the user interface or simply outstanding qualities of individual components. We are rarely the cheapest provider but often the one that best occupies a specialty or niche. Some of our competitors share this view and make OEM versions of gbo finished products with us. We are very proud and do our utmost to satisfy our OEM customers. Examples include complete equipment, such as the short-wave device, but also components such as ultrasound heads or short wave applicators. gbo can be the manufacturer in the legal sense or the supplier of a complete OEM product for customers who prefer to take care of the administrative processes themselves.

Developments of medical products

In this case it would be only natural to build customized versions of existing gbo medical products. This would be, for example, a special ultrasound device, but in its own housing, with completely different user interface and even with new treatment frequencies.

But we also use our wide range of expertise to develop completely new products for gbo. There are for example some really astounding developments in the field of magnetic therapy, which we have carried out in close cooperation with our customer. That product portfolio includes devices for home use, equipment for the medical practice but also extraordinary devices, such as this unit for magnetic stimulation of the pelvic floor. With all those development possibilities it goes without saying that we can also supply all for registration purposes necessary documentation.

General product development

In recent decades, we have had many mechanical and electromechanical projects for well-known companies such as Holzma, Kendro, Atlas, Bosch, VDO and others.

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