HighTone Therapy

HighTone power therapy is a new quantum leap in the field of electrotherapy. Conventional electrotherapy stimulates nerves and muscles. The primary aim of HighTone power therapy is a intensive effect on the metabolism of the cells.


From the technical point of view the classical electrotherapy is a modulation of amplitude:

The current intensity is modulated, but the frequency remains constant. Electro therapy uses modulation frequencies between 0 and 200 Hertz in the low frequency range, and mostly 4.000 Hertz in the medium frequency range.

In HighTone power therapy the amplitude and the frequency are modulated simultaneously.

The higher the frequency, the more energy can be introduced correlating to the individual threshold curve of the patient’s electro-sensitivity.

Thus, it is a SIMULtaneous Frequency and Amplitude Modulation. In the following it will always be called SimulFAM®i. The letter ‘i’ stands for intensity, which increases simultaneously with rising frequency. In the HighTone power therapy device HiToP® uses HighTone frequencies between 4.096 and 32.768 Hertz.

HighTone power therapy differs in two further practical points:

1. lassical electrotherapy is applied for 5 to 10 minutes, but HighTone power therapy for up to 60 minutes.

2. In classical electrotherapy, as a rule, one channel and two electrodes are used. In HighTone power therapy up to 4 channels are in parallel operation, with at least 10 electrodes.

HiToP® HighTone Power Therapy

In 1935, Siegfried Koeppen already thought about the possibilities to use tone frequency therapy.

Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich May is recognized as the „father“ of the modern HighTone therapy. Since 1988, he has been studying the variously effective applications very successfully.

What makes the cell and tissue structures oscillate?

The applied frequencies range from 4.096 to 32.768 Hertz over 3 octaves in 72 quarter-tone steps of 1 second each. The tones in the three octaves are the same that are used in standard music.

These high tone frequencies between 4.096 and 32.768 Hertz pass through the body in form of an electrical field that makes the charged particles oscillate.

The frequencies of the oscillations introduced create resonance in the molecules and cell structures.

Different frequencies activate structures of different size. For this reason it is important to offer a broad spectrum of frequencies.

HiToP® 2touch

The Power Pack in Sportsmedicin and Rehabilitation based on the medically proven HighTone Therapy.

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HiToP® 4touch

A four-channel pain therapy device for a complete program of therapy with HighTone Therapy.

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HiToP® 191

The professional home unit for medical muscle stimulation. Clinically tested for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy.

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HiToP® 1touch

1touch to start – now also for mobil use

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