Electrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment. It was already mentioned in the year 46 in the form of treatment with the Electric Stingray fish. Electrotherapy uses electrical currents to activate and support the natural healing processes of the body. Principles used are the counter irritation, the functional imitation, muscle stimulation but also the promotion of biochemical processes for healing purposes.


„Normal“ Electrotherapy, i.e. current is applied to the body via electrodes, can be grouped as follows:

LF – Low Frequency

This is the classic electrotherapy (as also used with the electric ray fish). Single electric pulses are being applied typically to the pain area. The different effects are generated by different forms of the pulses and by the frequency of repetition (0 to 200 Hz). Throughout the years literally hundreds of different forms have become known. LF-applications are typically less comfortable for the patient.

MF- Middle Frequency

Middle frequency current consist of a carrier wave, typically 4 kHz, and a effective frequency (0 to 200 Hz) modulated onto the carrier. Because of the higher (carrier-) frequency MF is more comfortable for the patient. The lack of all DC (Direct current – battery) components assures that there are no electrolytic effects.

IF – Interference Current

Interferential therapy is a special form of middle frequency therapy. In IF the effective frequency is not modulated onto the carrier but is being generated inside the body by having 2 MF-currents superimpose and thereby creating and interferential frequency (0.1 to 200 Hz).

A especially successful version of IF is the 3-dimensional interference of the STEREODYNATOR created by the superposition of 3 instead of 2 currents.


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