For about 100 years Cryotherapy has been known as a proven method in dermatology. Typically an applicator was brought to a very low temperature by means of various types of refrigerants, in order to be subsequently used for the treatment of patients. These methods are being used by specialists only (1) due to their high operating costs and (2) because the results are hard to reproduce, due to the difficult dosage of the cold energy. Too high a dosage, particularly with very low temparatures (ex. -190°C), could cause irreversible scars.


The CRYOCARE® from gbo Medizintechnik AG opens up a wide new field for safe and reliable treatment in Cryotherapy. The skin indications are aging spots, pigmentation and hemangioma, especially in Pediatrics.

In CRYOCARE® the cold is generated electrically by a Peltier element and kept at a constant level of –32°C on the applicator tip. The only operating costs are those for energy consumption. The technical side of the device is simple, clear and easily operated by the user.

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