skinny lift® CONTOUR

Anti-Aging and Bodycontouring

Naturally beautiful within 20 minutes only – this becomes reality with skinny lift® CONTOUR. skinny lift® is a combination of ultra sound and the patented high tone current which transports the active agents into the skin and spreads them evenly. Matrix oscillators with low intensive pulsed ultra sound waves (LIPUS) bring the active substances into the skin (phonophoreses), high tone current (HiToP®) sees to an even distribution (electrophoreses) and activates the anti-aging and contouring processes. The generation of new cells, and the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin are stimulated. Every treatment with skinny lift® CONTOUR lasts 20 minutes only and should be conducted as a curative treatment suggesting five to eight sessions.

Beauty that goes under your skin

skinny lift® CONTOUR exists of two modules. skinny lift® CONTOUR is the basis and the anti-aging module for the face, neck and décolleté as well as the back of the hand. The module skinny lift® body is the medical beauty module for the thighs, upper arms, tommy and buttocks. By the use of both modules of skinny lift® CONTOUR, several problematic areas may be treated simultaneously. For the treatment, we have three different gels at our disposal; the gels being spread on the appropriate applicators. The ingredients perfectly match the respective use: “Skin Effect Anti-Aging Gel“, “Face Effect Lifting Gel“ and “Body Effect Lifting Gel“.

The device skinny lift® CONTOUR functions with the applicators skinny lift® MASK, HAND DUO and MOVE in order to work all areas like face, neck, hands and décolleté. Fines lines, wrinkles and changes in the skin due to age may be treated in large scale, focused and with a lasting effect. With the applicators skinny lift® FORM and FLEX, in addition with its respective gels, typical problematic zones at the belly, thighs, upper arms and buttock can be treated. Upon the placement of the applicators, the body’s own lifting process is started.

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Active substances – designed for an effective treatment in the studio


For Anti Aging and body treatment there are the specially designed gels. In the Effect Gel series, we offer two different gels for Anti Aging Treatment – Skin Effect and Face Effect. For the body treatment, the Body Effect Gel was developed.


Each LIPUS resonator is a small
ultrasound device by itself

High-Tech made in Germany


An essential innovation is the use of LIPUS resonators embedded in a silicone mat which are being applied on the customer during the treatment. This way a lot of ultrasound effect can be applied without manual work on a large area,

like e.g. the thigh. The application side of each resonator has a reservoir for active substances. Before the treatment, the reservoir is being filled with the treatment gels.


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